About Us

About 30 years ago, I started making candy, cookies & bread for Christmas gifts. It became a Christmas tradition for me & my kids - rolling peanut butter balls, dipping chocolate & decorating cookies. Every year, I checked magazines & books for new recipes to try. Some things worked, some things didn't. My repertoire grew, with my family each having their own favorites. A lot of people started to look forward to their Christmas packages; people even started to dream about particular candies. My daughter's friends requested the double chocolate covered cherries for one of their BBQs while they were in the military - ever since they were in high school, they have called them "Sin." 

Eventually, people started to suggest that I sell my stuff. The idea stuck in my head, and after some brainstorming & designing, here we are. It has been a learning process, but I am looking forward to sharing my recipes with people. I hope that you enjoy!